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We authenticate the sourcing, manufacturing, and creation of genuinely hand-crafted Cornish products. Look for the Made in Cornwall sticker for approved origin

Cornwall is renowned for its creativity, craftsmanship and its wholesome food and drink. With Made in Cornwall you are not only buying excellent products, but you are also supporting talented businesses and makers, the local economy and doing your bit to help protect our unique environment. Shop Cornish are proud to protect and promote Cornish provenance and showcase authentic Cornish makers and producers.

Approved Origin

Protecting the identity of genuine Cornish products since 1991.

Authentic Members

Ranging from individual crafts people to internationally trading companies across sectors.

Trading Standards Approved

Each member is rigorously tested by Trading Standards to ensure their products meet the high standards of Cornish produce.

Supporting Cornwall

By choosing Made in Cornwall you are not only buying fabulous officially Cornish gifts or quality skills, but you are also directly supporting Cornwall’s creative and entrepreneurial heritage, as well as helping the local circular economy, and doing your bit to help protect our unique environment by reducing your carbon footprint.


The Approved Origin Scheme

Following numerous complaints about goods being called ‘Cornish’ but not being made in Cornwall, to which there was no simple legal solution, Cornwall County Council’s Trading Standards Service launched the ‘Made in Cornwall’ scheme, or Approved Origin scheme as it is officially known, in 1991 to protect the identity of genuine Cornish products.

What ‘Made in Cornwall’ Means

Before products are allowed to carry the Made in Cornwall logo they need to be assessed by Trading Standards to ensure that; they are genuinely being made in Cornwall, that the business attempts to source ingredients or raw materials from within the County (with extra merit given to those that do) and that the finished products comply with the relevant UK and EU regulations.

Partners & Growth

In 2023 Cornwall Council joined forces with Shop Cornish so they can manage the Made in Cornwall Scheme. In keeping with the ethos of the Made in Cornwall scheme, Shop Cornish have the best interests of Cornwall and its creators, makers and producers at the heart. Made in Cornwall and Shop Cornish combine the perfect balance of official approved accreditation and promotion of Cornish products and services.

Recognising the Service Industry

More recently, the scheme has been opened to include Services, a huge role in the Cornish economy. Any service providers wishing to join the Made in Cornwall scheme must obviously operate from within Cornwall, where possible, all staff are to be recruited from the local area and all relevant UK and EU Regulations must be met. Additional value to the economy, such as partnerships with other local businesses or community activities will also be considered.

Explore our Members

As this is a newly relaunched scheme this directory of approved origin Cornish producers is being updated weekly.

Become a Member

To reinforce and protect the identity of genuine Cornish brands.

Discover how you can become an approved origin Cornish producer today and request an info pack.