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Behind the scenes with Dr. Martin Raskovsky

13th April 2022

Cornish art and photography

Passionate about art since his childhood, Cornish artist Dr. Martin Raskovsky is a computer scientist turned photographer who has been sharing his work since 2016. 

Focussing heavily on the post-capture creative process, his search for colours and forms are often unrelated to the original subject, and the creative journey from camera to canvas is simply fascinating, involving brushes and digital manipulation too.

When taking a photo Dr Martin claims that the brutal reality of the image that comes out of the camera does not convey the emotions he felt while taking the photo, and the time spent looking for that perfect shot. Using different digital techniques allows the Dr to put the emotion back into the piece of photographic art by creating a sense of movement, place and environment.

In his time of creating such thought-provoking art, the Dr has been recognised with awards for his work, winning Gold at The Wildlife Art Society International 2019 in the Digital Manipulated Art category. He gained further recognition at the London Art Biennale 2017, where he received a Special Mention of Excellence.

Cornish art by Dr. Martin Raskovsky

Dr Martin’s work is also gaining a lot of recognition and popularity in the world of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Art where his work is being purchased by lovers of the new digital age. An NFT uses blockchain technology; a piece of coding is applied to a digital file (containing an image, film, animation, drawing, etc) making the file and its content unique. Dr Martin first got involved in NFT back in April 2012 and his life has already changed due to it. He
said, ” The art world is changing, and a revolution seems to be at hand, what used to be available only to a few has now become available to everyone”

This allows a strange behaviour, he goes on to explain “one can only understand with reference to the traditional form. Traditionally, when one purchases an original piece of art, one is acquiring exclusive access to the art, one owns that piece of art and can control who sees it and how. In the new digital world, once an NFT is created, restricted accessibility is non-existent. One may purchase the piece and own it, but all the world has access. What is unbelievable is that the wider circulation – provided by the Internet – of the digital file leads to a greater value and desirability of it to an extent that is attracting creators and collectors to join in exactly as “the bitcoin” attracted millions of people decades ago”. 

Dr Martin’s NFT creations can be found here. 

Where to find you at exhibitions and Events 

Cornwall Home And Garden Show, Wadebridge, April 2022 
Sussex Art Fair at Goodwood Racecourse, May 2022 
The Wildlife Art Society, Gloucester, May 2022 
Talented Art Fair, Brighton, July 2022 
Windsor Art Fair, Windsor, November 2022

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