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Cheers to World Cocktail Day!

12th May 2023

Irresistible Cornish cocktails made using Cornish drinks and spirits

Cornish drinks and spirits have earned widespread acclaim amongst the world’s best mixologists – who recognise the quality, unique flavours, and distinct characteristics of these artisanal liquors. Distilled using locally sourced ingredients, including herbs, fruits, and even seaweed, these one-of-a-kind drinks reflect the rugged beauty of Cornwall and are recognised for their supreme craftsmanship.

In celebration of World Cocktail Day, which is taking place on Saturday 13th of May, we’re exploring some elegant cocktails made using Cornwall’s leading drinks and spirits. From smooth and earthy gins to complex and nuanced rums, why not add some of these spirits to your bar cart and start experimenting with delicious cocktails today?

Expresso Rumtini with Mainbrace Premium Golden Rum

Guaranteed to invigorate both the body and taste buds, the Expresso Rumtini combines the richness and depth of rum, the bitterness of coffee, and the sweetness of butterscotch and caramel.

For the ultimate version of this popular cocktail, use Mainbrace Premium Golden Rum – a multi-award-winning premium blend of 2–5-year-old rums from different stills in Guyana and unaged agricole from Martinique. Traditionally crafted, with a modern Cornish twist, this 40% ABV rum is exceptionally well balanced, with a long and smooth finish. Its subtle warming spiciness works wonderfully in this heavenly cocktail…so get your chilled martini glass at the ready!

Cornish drinks - Mainbrace Premium Golden Rum

Expresso Rumtini

·       50 ml Mainbrace Golden Rum

·       15 ml Butterscotch

·       25 ml Coffee

·       25 ml Kahlua

·       5 ml Caramel syrup

·       Garnish with an orange zest twist


·       Visit the cocktail section on Mainbrace’s website where you will find the full Expresso Rumtini recipe.

Classic Negroni with St Ives Gin

It’s said that the perfect Negroni cocktail is made using the very best products you have in reach, so stock up on one of Cornwall’s greatest gins – St Ives Gin, by St Ives Liquor Co.

Hand crafted and distilled in Cornwall, this 38% ABV small batch gin contains a special blend of 13 botanicals gathered from the Cornish coastline, cottage garden, and clifftop. This secret alchemy of fresh herbs gives the gin its unique colour, individual taste, and characteristic sea breeze aroma! Try it in a G&T or a Classic Negroni!

Gin 1 1 - Cornish Gifts

Classic Negroni

·       25 ml St Ives Gin

·       25 ml Sweet vermouth

·       25 ml Campari

·       Ice

·       Garnish with a slice of blood orange


·       Use equal parts of gin, vermouth, and Campari.

·       Pour into a mixing jug with ice and stir well until cold.

·       Strain into a tumbler, add some fresh ice and garnish.

Cosmopolitan with Norvys Vodka

A true classic, the light and zingy Cosmopolitan is enhanced with a high-quality vodka such as Norvys Vodka by Elemental Distilling Co.

Triple distilled from organic grains, Norvys is charcoal filtered for extra purity, then blended with pure spring water from Bodmin Moor. The result is an exceedingly smooth and flawless vodka that is exquisite on its own, with a mixer, or indeed in a cocktail.

Vodka 1 1 - Cornish Gifts


·       120 ml Norvy’s Vodka

·       Orange liqueur

·       60 ml cranberry juice

·       Juice of 1 lime


·       Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with a little ice, and strain into 2 chilled martini glasses.

Appletini with Moorland Distillery Cornish Apple Schnapps

Believed to be the only Cornish apple schnapps on the market, Moorland Distillery’s Cornish Apple Schnapps is incredibly refreshing and carries the uplifting aroma and taste of freshly sliced apples.

This standout Cornish schnapps is made from the purest ingredients – a blend of spirit, Cornish spring water, apple juice, and honey, which combine to give the drink a distinctive flavour.

Available in 500ml, 20% ABV, and 275ml, 8% ABV bottles, this small batch artisan spirit works wonderfully well in an Appletini cocktail – and also with prosecco as a Cornish Apple Schnapps Royale!

Schnapps 1 1 - Cornish Gifts


·       1 oz Moorland Distillery Cornish Apple Schnapps

·       2 oz Vodka

·       1 oz Fresh lime juice

·       ½ oz Syrup


·       Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, and strain into a chilled martini glass.

·       Garnish with a slice of apple.

‘The Cornish Lemonade’ with Curio Wild Coast Gin

Simple, yet sensational, ‘The Cornish Lemonade’ is a crowd-pleasing cocktail that uses Curio’s superb Wild Coast Gin.

4 times distilled with fragrant botanicals from the Cornish coast, Wild Coast Gin is a 100% Cornish-made gin that is created on the Lizard Peninsula. Distilled with hand-foraged rock samphire and seaweed to give a subtly salty touch, and the complimentary addition of lemon and lime peel to add a citrusy finish, this special gin is a true example of Cornwall’s fine spirits.

Recommended neat with just ice, or with a premium tonic and a sprig of rock samphire… and of course in ‘The Cornish Lemonade’ cocktail!

Curio gin 1 1 - Cornish Gifts

‘The Cornish Lemonade’

·       25 ml Curio Wild Coast Gin / Curio Rock Samphire Gin

·       100 ml Lemonade

·       Lemon zest and mint to garnish


·       Combine Curio Gin with the best lemonade you can find! Curio recommends Franklin & Sons Ltd. lemonade (or try making your own!)

·       Serve over plenty of ice and garnish.

·       Visit the Recipe Page on Curio Spirit Company’s website to find lots of other new and exciting gin cocktails.

Cornish Cider Champagne Cocktail with Haywood Farm Cider

For a celebratory glass of bubbly with a Cornish edge, consider making a Cornish Cider Cocktail with Haywood Farm Cider.

Haywood Farm is a traditional Cornish cider maker with over 100 years of apple farming history. Growing and pressing all of its own apples, and then fermenting its remarkable ciders on-site – you’d be hard-pushed to find a more authentic Cornish cider!

Haywood Farm Cider is an all-time Shop Cornish favourite – try a glass and you’ll see why! And do let us know what you think of the Cornish Cider Champagne Cocktail too!

Cider 1 1 - Cornish Gifts

Cornish Cider Champagne Cocktail

·       2 oz Haywood Farm Apple Cider

·       1 oz Brandy

·       ½ oz Lemon juice

·       ½ oz Honey syrup (mix equal parts honey and hot water)

·       Champagne

·       Garnish with apple slices and cinnamon sticks


·       Combine the apple cider, brandy, lemon juice, and honey syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice.

·       Shake and strain into a champagne flute.

·       Top with champagne and garnish.

Cornish Mojito with Cape Cornwall White Rum

Perfect for showcasing the complexity of high-quality rum, the Cornish mojito is Cornwall’s nod to the classic mojito cocktail – using locally produced Cornish white rum.

Cape Cornwall makes a vibrant White Rum that works perfectly in this cocktail. As a blend of 2- & 5-year-old charcoal-filtered white rum from Trinidad, which is enhanced with Cornish spring water, this rum originates from the Caribbean but has a strong Cornish spirit.

Gather some friends together and try it in a Mojito!

Cape Cornwall white rum 1 1 - Cornish Gifts

Cornish Mojito

·       2 oz Cape Cornwall White Rum

·       1 oz Fresh lime juice

·       1 tsp Granulated sugar

·       6-8 Fresh mint leaves

·       Club soda

·       Ice cubes


·       In a shaker, muddle mint leaves with sugar and lime juice.

·       Add Cape Cornwall White Rum and ice, then shake well.

·       Strain into a highball glass filled with ice.

·       Top with club soda and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

Shop for Cornish drinks & artisan spirits at Shop Cornish and add a unique and flavoursome twist to your summer cocktails.