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Cornish Classics for the Picnic Basket

26th June 2024

Mouthwatering Cornish Food and Drink for Outdoor Feasts

When it comes to creating the perfect picnic basket, Cornwall offers a bounty of tasty treats that are sure to impress. From sun-kissed beaches to the rolling countryside, Cornwall has a vibrant food and drink scene that provides an incredible array of picnic-worthy goodies.

In this blog, we’ll dive into some iconic Cornish food and drink that will add a touch of sunshine to your summer picnics. Whether you’re a local, just visiting, or looking to enjoy a taste of Cornwall elsewhere, this fine Cornish fayre will elevate your alfresco experience. So, get ready to tuck into a delicious Cornish spread under the warm summer sun.

A hearty bite

Swop dreary sandwiches for a tempting selection of golden pasties from Phat Pasty. Their Variety Pack of 10 savoury options includes succulent steak, tender chicken, flavoursome lamb and scrumptious vegetarian and vegan options.

Made in Cornwall from quality ingredients and hand-crimped with love, these pasties make a nourishing and delicious lunch – and with both traditional and modern recipes, there’s a pasty for everyone.

Phat Pasty Variety Pack - Cornish food and drink

Ripe Cornish camembert

Ready to try Cornwall’s very own Camembert? Cornish Cheese Co. produces a dreamy Cornish Camembert that’s soft and smooth with a rich, buttery taste. Spread it thickly onto crackers or fresh baguette and savour the creamy yet punchy flavour.

Pair it with a glass of crisp white wine for the ultimate treat – whether that’s at your picnic or part of a sophisticated cheese course at your next dinner party.

Cornish Cheese Co - Cornish Camembert - Cornish food and drink

Add a kick to your picnic

Great with cheese or in sandwiches, Cornish ChillisChilli and Lime Chutney is a superb addition to your picnic. Made with a blend of fresh Asian chillis that are homegrown on the farm, you can choose between a mild or hot version – or perhaps have a jar of each!

Garlicky goodness

If you enjoy traditional nettle-wrapped Cornish Yarg, you’re going to love Lynher Dairies’ multi-award-winning Wild Garlic Yarg. This unique cheese follows the same beloved recipe but has a special twist: it’s wrapped in aromatic wild garlic leaves that are found in Cornish woodlands each spring.

Absorbing a subtle garlicky flavour from its natural wrapping, over the 5 weeks that it’s left to mature, this cheese is both intriguing and delicious.

Yarg - Cornish Gifts

Gourmet Cornish food

A staple for any picnic basket, smoked salmon is a versatile classic that works perfectly with summer salads, quiches, or crusty bread and butter. For an authentically Cornish version – try Fresh Cornish Fish’s Smoked Salmon. Cured and naturally smoked in Newlyn over oak chippings, each slice bursts with a distinct oaky flavour, that’ll leave you craving more!

Smoked salmon - Cornish Gifts

Cornish tea

For a refreshing outdoor cuppa, that’s truly British (& Cornish!) – pack a thermos of hot water, a little milk, and some sachets of Tregothnan’s Classic Tea. Made from Cornish tea leaves grown on Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall, this is celebrated as the first ever British grown tea that has been growing in popularity since its humble beginnings in 2005.

Bold and full-bodied, this breakfast brew is heralded as “The new Darjeeliing.” Try some and see what everyone’s raving about!

Tea - Cornish Gifts

Picnic-perfect coffee

The clever people at Cornish Tea & Coffee have come up with a handy way for us to enjoy coffee on the go with their Cornish Coffee Bags containing freshly ground, Cornish-made coffee. Designed to be used just like a tea bag, these convenient instant coffee bags are great for picnics or those times when you need a decent cup of coffee without any fuss. Individually wrapped for freshness, you can pick up a box of 50 at Cornish Tea & Coffee.

Coffee - Cornish Gifts

A biscuit like no other

Fancy a Cornish biscuit to dunk in that cuppa? Indulge in Furniss BiscuitsClotted Cream Shortbread with Strawberry Pieces. Made with dollops of Cornish clotted cream and real strawberry pieces, this biscuit promises to bring a taste of summer to your afternoon tea time.

Shortbread - Cornish Gifts

Moreish marshmallows

Round off your picnic with a box of irresistible Marshmallow Teacakes from Cornish patisserie and confectionary maker, Red Robin Pantry. Each handcrafted teacake has a buttery biscuit base that cradles a cloud-like marshmallow and a layer of luscious fruit conserve, rich chocolate ganache, or decadent salted caramel. These little mounds are then enveloped in a Belgian chocolate shell, making them a supremely indulgent treat!

Visit Red Robin Pantry to order your Spring-Summer Teacake Selection in a box of 6.

Marshmallows - Cornish Gifts

Stock your summer picnic basket with all this quality Cornish food and drink and discover so much more at Shop Cornish.