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Cornish Gin Producer Launches Toffee Vodka Liqueur

26th March 2024
  • Connie Glaze Toffee Vodka is the latest innovation from master distiller, Tarquin Leadbetter.
  • Every small batch is slowly filtered through Cornish golden sand then masterfully blended with devilishly tasty toffee and real sea salt crystals from Cornish Sea Salt Co.
  • 1% of sales from every bottle donated to clean Cornish beaches.
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Connie Glaze Toffee Vodka Liqueur is deliciously smooth, beautifully balanced with a hint of sea salt. The latest experiment from maverick master distiller, Tarquin Leadbetter.

Every small batch of Connie Glaze Toffee Vodka is slowly filtered through Cornish golden sand at Tarquin’s craft distillery, then masterfully blended with devilishly tasty toffee and real sea salt crystals from Cornish Sea Salt Co.

“The joy of being a craft distillery is the opportunity to experiment, create small batches of spirits that can push the boundaries of flavour innovation, and partner up with fellow local artisan producers to celebrate the best of Cornwall! We’re thrilled to be working with the legendary Cornish Sea Salt Co to create this deliciously smooth Toffee Vodka – packed with proud Cornish personality!” Tarquin added.

“We aim for balance in every one of our spirits, and Connie Glaze Toffee Vodka is no exception, after plenty of experimentation we loved the savoury note that a touch of Cornish Sea Salt brought to our deliciously smooth craft vodka. Cutting through the sweetness of the rich toffee to create a special sipping spirit – best enjoyed over ice with great company” said Tarquin Leadbetter.  

Named after the incredible golden sand beaches of Constantine Bay and the crisp clean blue water of the Atlantic Ocean, Connie, short for Constantine and Glaze, meaning ‘Blue’ in Cornish. The team at Southwestern Distillery is dedicated to protecting their local beaches, 1% of all sales of Connie Glaze Vodka is given to Beach Guardian CIC to support their work cleaning nearby Constantine Bay and the Cornish coast.


NOSE: Sweet bubbling caramel, classic treacle, fresh cream.

BODY: Rich toffee, caramelised brown sugar, soft buttery notes.

FINISH: Creamy mouthfeel and a satisfying hint of sea salt!

Best enjoyed over ice with good company – Keep it simple: Grab your favourite tumbler and enjoy over ice with good company! Optional: If you’re feeling fancy, first rim your tumbler with melted toffee and then Cornish sea salt flakes!

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Connie Glaze Toffee Vodka 70cl retails from £24 and is available in pubs and bars and retailers across the UK and south west, including local off licenses and farm shops and will be available online from www.connieglazevodka.com

About Southwestern Distillery

Connie Glaze is the latest of Tarquin’s ventures in spirits, first releasing Tarquin’s Gin after teaching himself how to distil on his cooker at home back in 2012 before creating experimental rum brand Twin Fin in the middle of summer 2020.

Founded by self-taught Master Distiller, Tarquin Leadbetter, Southwestern Distillery is passionate about bringing a slice of Cornish sunshine to the world.

Established in 2012, the distillery is proudly Cornwall’s original, independent, family-run distillery. Championing the most traditional techniques alongside progressively modern approaches in all that they do.  

Underpinned by an ethos of creative expression and innovation, all their spirits celebrate their Cornish heritage and their desire to share their craft. 

Yeghes Da!