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Winter Skin Saviours

9th November 2023

Replenish and renew with Cornish skincare  

Winter is the season of invigorating winter walks next to stormy seas, cosy jumpers, and warming mugs of hot chocolate by the fire. However, it also brings colder temperatures, harsh winds, and dry central heating that can wreak havoc on our skin!

Luckily there are plenty of miraculous Cornish skincare products that can help protect skin from harsh winter conditions, while maintaining its health and natural balance. With an emphasis on gentle and nourishing formulations, unlike many mass-produced skincare items that are loaded with chemicals, Cornish skincare products are often handmade in small batches using natural ingredients.

Shop Cornish has handpicked 6 of the best products that have a holistic approach to skincare, whilst caring for your skin all winter long.

Natural lip care

Winter is notorious for causing skin dryness and the elements can leave skin feeling parched and flaky, especially the lips.

Bloomtown has us covered with their 100% natural and vegan Avocado and Mint Lip Balm, which shields lips from the winter weather and provides long-lasting hydration. Made with a blend of natural ingredients that includes organic cold-pressed avocado oil, sweet almond oil, moisturising cocoa butter, vitamin E, and pure peppermint essential oil, this is a little tin of goodness that treats your lips to the nourishment they deserve.  

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Repair and protect the hands

The problem of dry, cracked hands can affect anyone who spends a lot of time outside over the colder months.

B Skincare has come to our rescue with its bestselling Beeswax Hand Cream, which works hard to heal and defend hands from biting cold winds. Containing beeswax which forms a naturally protective layer, and the lovely fragrance of ylang-ylang essential oil, this hand cream is said to be popular with farmers and gardeners – and gives hands the help they need when they send out a winter SOS.

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Moisture, moisture, moisture

In the harshest of seasons, skin needs some extra TLC, and Sōlseed provides just this with its Regenerative Face Cream

Luxuriously rich and moisturising, this restorative cream deeply penetrates the skin with a blend of argan and rose hip butters, natural oils, seaweed extract, and vitamin E. Suitable for daily use, this cream is beautifully scented with sage essential oil and palo santo, making it a blissful addition to your winter skincare routine.

Sōlseed Regenerative Face Cream - Cornish skincare

Soothe the whole body

Bath salts are loved for their powerful therapeutic properties – easing stress, relieving muscle pain, and calming the skin. And in the depths of winter, there’s nothing better than a warm bath with one of SoapSenses’ Salt & Soothe Luxury Handmade Bath Salt Bags.

Each jar contains 3 biodegradable salt bags containing a balanced blend of Epsom, Dead Sea, and Pink Himalayan salts. Simply drop a bag into your bath water and prepare for a relaxing soak!

SoapSenses Luxury Handmade Bath Salts - Cornish skincare

Round-the-clock hydration

With a commitment to purity, Kelsey Cornish is a skincare brand that prioritises natural ingredients, ensuring their products are free of nasties and artificial fragrances. 

For an all-over body moisturiser, check out their Dreamy Whipped Body Butter. Handmade in Cornwall from vegan ingredients including mango, shea, and cocoa butter, it melts into the skin leaving an irresistible scent of vanilla bean, gardenia, and creamy musk behind.

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Mindful skincare

Scence is a Cornish brand that has a truly holistic approach to skincare, working hard to look after the planet with eco-friendly practices, such as plastic-free packaging, as well as caring for our overall well-being with all-natural ingredients. They strongly believe in the connection between our health, the environment, and the products we use.

One of our favourite products from the Scence range is the Fresh Cedar Face Balm – a facial moisturiser and soothing aftershave treatment. Super hydrating and packed full of rich mango seed butter and beneficial essential oils, this gentle balm helps combat the challenges that winter poses to our skin, while caring for the planet too.  

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To defy the winter blues, stock up on Cornish skincare products at Shop Cornish and give your skin a healthy and radiant glow.