Scence Skincare Crowdfunder Goes Live

19th November 2021

We’re thrilled to introduce ​Scence Skincare’s new ‘Actives -Sustainable Skincare Range’⁠.

⁠They have developed a new selection of all natural skincare products which complements and adds to their hugely popular Scence range, including;

💚 A Micellar Cleanser⁠

💚 Exfoliating polish⁠

💚 Rose Toner⁠

💚 A light moisturiser Ectoin Face Cream⁠

💚 Eye Serum⁠

💚 Lip Serum⁠

BUT they need your support to get our new plastic-freeskincare range out to the world – so they are offering lots of great rewards in exchange for your donations! Be the first to get your hands on;

⁠⭐️ Scence Heroes Reward⁠

⭐️ Lovely Lips Reward⁠

⭐️ Advance Actives Reward⁠

⭐️ Advance Actives Serum Intense Reward ⁠

⭐️ and more!⁠

Find out more & support Scence Skincare’s Crowd Fund by clicking the link & by passing this on 😊💚💚