Welcome to Bad Boy Chilli.

We produce awesome tasting handmade purees, using 100% fresh chillies, a great way to instantly add heat and flavour to all your favourite cooking dishes.

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Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker 

Bad Boy Chilli Hi I'm Paul, founder of Bad Boy Chilli.

It all started in 1994 on an over-land trip through Thailand, Malaysia, across Indonesia and then on to Australia. I discovered the far east was full of great tastes and flavours and chilli was one thing a loved and could no longer live without this great ingredient.

When I returned to the UK I used to go to the markets and buy chillies to make my own purée for my cooking, It was so good friends and families who tried it wanted some too. It was then I realised it was time to make this into a small business. As the range of chillies and their popularity increased, the heat levels were breaking new boundaries and access to the chillies was becoming easier I made different purees and sauces. Then it took off and Bad Boy Chilli was founded in 2014 and we make it all here in Lostwithiel, Cornwall. We import our chillies from all over the world and also work with local farmers to grow chillies for our Cornish own puree (Kernow Gold),