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An Authentic Cornish Board Game

Besont is a quality Cornish-themed board game for all the family where the player who lays the last gold coin pays the ransom and wins. 

Celebrating the history, heritage and language of Cornwall, Besont is not only made in Cornwall, produced in Cornwall and created in Cornwall, but is virtually entirely eco-friendly. 

Compact and lightweight, Besont also includes Cornish words and phrases to impress your friends. You can even play a game in Cornish.

Kernow Bys Vyken! 

(Cornwall Forever)

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Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker 


Born and raised in the heart of Cornwall I've been designing games for the past ten years and currently have two free-to-play games online - Shout Seven, a '7 in a row game' where I play as Professor, and Envie: a number puzzle like no other!

My ethos when designing games is keeping them simple to learn with unique game play; and that’s exactly what Besont is. Besont also fulfils another desire of mine, which is to reignite a passion for the Cornish language.