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Budeful – Ethical Cornish Gifts

Each and every one of Budeful’s creations is designed with love.

A love and passion for Art Deco, a love of quality products and a love of our environment.

Drawing inspiration from our stunning North Cornish landscape, enables us to create the stylish pieces that you love.

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Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker 

Netty Budeful Having had a diverse background from working in the music industry, to training as a ceramic designer and Art Therapist, means Netty brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the Budeful Brand. Her unique designs and illustrations, reveal a sense of humour, influences of Art Deco and a penchant for storytelling.

It was whilst taking in the beautiful scenery of the north Cornish coastline, that the seed of an idea became firmly planted in her mind. This idea grew as she took her daily dog walks, until Budeful went from concept to Award Winning brand. From dog walkers to horses galloping in the waves, there is plenty of inspiration for this Cornish artist to draw upon.

Each of the Budeful collections has a story to tell. From the Naked Surfers, to the Celtic Love Story her whimsical characters bring something unique and charming for customers to enjoy.

Netty is busy working on new designs to showcase online and in the Budeful store. All of the homewares and items offered, respect the planet and come with minimal packaging. Supported by an ethical supply chain means that ‘Budeful Things Should Never Cost The Earth.’