Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a Cornish handcrafted mineral paint, which is environmentally-friendly and made without the use of solvents/toxins found in traditional paints.

It has an extremely low natural VOC content, with only 9g per litre. Made only from the highest quality ingredients and organic pigments sourced from Cornwall and the United Kingdom.

Cornish Milk offers superior coverage, and requires minimal preparation. The best paint for all your home painting projects.

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Meet the Maker

Meet the Makers 

Cornish Milk is a Cornish family operated paintline. Reece and Joe, along with their three children, work hard to make sure they offer the best environmentally-friendly mineral paints and preparation tools on the UK market.

Transforming homes without harmful chemicals found in traditional paints. Cornish Milk values the traditional way of paint making and have already reduced their C02 emissions by 75%, compared to other brands.