Haywood Farm is located near the beautiful village of St Mabyn in North Cornwall. We are traditional cider makers, growing, pressing and fermenting all of our ciders and juices on the farm. The Bray family have farmed here for over a hundred years, and every drop of cider and juice we make is all from the apples grown here on the farm.  You can’t get more Cornish than that!

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Meet the Maker

Meet the Master Brewer 

Haywood Farm Cider Tom first saw cider being made on a farm when he was a teenager, that’s when he discovered traditional cider making. Some years later he built a cider press, pressing 2 tonnes of apples at a time.

His thirst continued to grow and Tom decided to turn his passion into a business. So, after researching apple varieties he propagated around 3500 apple trees, which now form his fabulous 18 acre orchard which this special cider is made from.

It doesn't get more authentic than that!