Using unspoilt natural resources to create a quality product.
A family owned, small batch distillery established in 2016 and located on the edge of Bodmin Moor. We is to produce outstanding Cornish Brandy and refreshing Cornish Apple Schnapps, each made from pure ingredients, allowing time to mature for truly exceptional taste.
Our the brandies are produced in copper pot stills, as they retain more of the original aromas and flavours.

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Meet the Maker

Master Distiller and Founder 

Brian Farmer - Moorland Distillery Brian Farmer is filled with a passion for wines and beers that has taken him from enthusiast to creator. It was in the fruitless search for affordable and traditionally made Oak aged, Cornish Apple Brandy that the idea to turn passion into a business was born, and what started with a single 150 litre copper pot has become a new, bespoke distillery, with further growth, and products, on the horizon.