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Cornish Rum & Gin from Mounts Bay Distillery

We all feel the pull of the tides and a yearning for the ocean.

When we go back, we are going back from whence we came. Cornish spirits for the ocean-goers, the sailors and watermen, the dreamers, stargazers and adventurers, with salt in their veins and a love of the sea.

Fermented, distilled, casked, spiced and bottled from our small West Cornwall distillery.

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Meet the Maker

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Meet the Maker 

MOUNTS BAY DISTILLERY We are Lisa and Ben, the couple behind Mounts Bay Distillery, a small family run Cornwall distillery overlooking Mounts Bay.

Our passion for Cornwall and the sea has influenced our distillery massively. We do not use plastics in any of our products packaging and we donate shares of our profits to plastic free seas charities.

Our first Honey Rum is a reflection of our love for Cornwall and the sea, with seaweeds harvested from the low tide shores by ourselves and honey and saffron from cliffs and coves of our Cornwall, and our delicious Cornish Gin combines juniper and coriander with subtle notes of ocean botanicals harvested beneath its surface.