Proud to support Made in Cornwall

From paint brush to puzzle piece! We create unique abstract art jigsaw puzzles. Each of our designs begins as a hand painted artwork.

We love to utilise textures and bold colour to create dynamic and captivating jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles unlike any others.

We offer a range of difficulties in our jigsaw puzzles in both our 500 and 1000 piece collections.

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Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker 

Based out of Cornwall, home to many childhood memories and now called home by its founders; The Puzzled Artist is run by 5 artistic puzzling sisters.

Having a lifelong passion for jigsaw puzzles, painting, art and family, they bring to you fun, colourful and complex jigsaw puzzles. Their business is centred around the beauty of vibrant art and the challenge of a jigsaw puzzle.