St.Ives Brewery began brewing in 2010 at the beginning of the craft beer revolution.

Brewing a range of exceptional ales and lagers in small batches for  discerning beer lovers. Perfect gifts for those who like to try new beers. Artisan, unique and refreshing, the range of bottles and cans will match your beer needs.

Our selection boxes offer the perfect mix of modern and traditional styles of beers.

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Meet the Maker

Master Brewer 

St Ives Brewery Marco Amura ventured into the brewing world in 2010 after many years in the pub trade. ‘I could see how passionate people were about trying new beers when they visited St.Ives.

St.Austell was the closest brewery of note at the time so it seemed like it needed to be done locally. I read a few books and jumped into the trade’.

Marco has grown the brewery to one of the largest craft brewers in Cornwall and has won awards and seen his beers travel all over the country.