Borne out of lockdown 2020, the aim of The Falmouth Distilling Co is to create spirits with a meticulous eye on craftmanship and flavour, inspired by the sea, landscape, vibrancy and history of Falmouth, this brilliant place we call home.

Friends Ruth, Chloe and Daisy bring their unique and varied skills together in creating carefully crafted small batch gin, distilled with fresh botanicals, to celebrate the coastline that’s so integral to where we live and work.

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Meet the Maker

Meet the Makers 

falmouth distilling The three of us had long talked about setting up in business together, but, you know, dreckly dreckly. Lockdown 2020 and a couple of months of furlough gave Chloe, Ruth and Daisy ample time to set the wheels in motion.

Daisy’s experience in recipe development, Chloe’s artistic design abilities and Ruth’s scientific background has turned out to be a perfect combination to allow The Falmouth Distilling Co. to create subtle, delicate and beautiful spirits.