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Connie Glaze Vodka

Tarquin’s Launches Connie Glaze Slow Sand Filtered Vodka

25th October 2023
  • Connie Glaze Vodka is slowly filtered through golden sand to give a deliciously smooth spirit
  • Coastal craft vodka inspired and named beautiful Constantine Bay on the wild Cornish coast
  • 1% of sales from every bottle donated to clean Cornish beaches
  • Refill 5L Boxes available to pubs and bars to eliminate packaging waste, reduces transport CO2 and save 25% on pourage price.

Southwestern Distillery, the producer of Tarquin’s Gin and Twin Fin Rum from Padstow, Cornwall is delighted to announce the latest addition to its award-winning family of spirits with the release of a new vodka brand, Connie Glaze Slow Sand Filtered Vodka. Created by self-taught Master Distiller Tarquin Leadbetter, Connie Glaze is slowly filtered through purified, golden sand at the craft distillery in Cornwall, which has been part pf the Cornish food and drink scene for just over 10 years ago.

“I’ve always loved the balance of art and science in distilling which makes anything possible! Our unique and experimental vodka combines ancient techniques for water purification with modern distilling to create an extraordinarily smooth, world class and mixable vodka.” Leadbetter said.

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Connie Glaze Vodka is distilled with 100% British Wheat then slowly filtered through purified, golden sand sourced from the wild Cornish coast, to give a pure & smooth vodka as fresh as the Atlantic breeze. This special process of filtration has been used for centuries in purifying drinking water around the world and lends itself perfectly to the production of Connie Glaze vodka to both purify and capture the essence of the coast.

Named after the incredible golden sand beaches of Constantine Bay and the crisp clean blue water of the Atlantic Ocean, Connie, short for Constantine and Glaze, meaning ‘Blue’ in Cornish. The team at Southwestern Distillery is dedicated to protecting their local beaches, 1% of all sales of Connie Glaze Vodka is given to Beach Guardian CIC to support their work cleaning nearby Constantine Bay and the Cornish coast.

“Through the hard-work and dedication of Emily and Rob from Beach Guardians, the sand used to filter our vodka is kept clean, it seems only right that we support them in return to protect our local beaches and give back to the very place which inspired us to create Connie Glaze.” Tarquin explained.

To reduce the impact of Connie Glaze’s production, it is available in refill Bag-in-Box packs for all bars who buy Connie Glaze bottles, so they can refill the bottles rather than recycle. This innovative solution has reduced the carbon footprint of production versus using bottles by 8 times.

Connie Glaze Vodka 70cl retails from £30 and is available in pubs and bars and retailers across the UK and south west, including local off licenses and farm shops and will be available online from www.connieglazevodka.com

Connie Glaze is best served in a High Tide Spritz

Coastal riff on a classic Vodka Soda Lime. As refreshing as the Atlantic breeze, this super simple serve is the weekend go-to.


50ML Connie Glaze Slow Sand Filtered Vodka

150ML Fever-Tree Lime Soda Water

GARNISH: 3 Lime Wedges

GARNISH: Fresh Rosemary Sprigs


Load a highball glass with ice. Add Connie Glaze Vodka, then top up with Lime Soda Water.

Garnish with sprigs of rosemary and fresh lime wedges. Squeezing a little bit of lime into your glass for that extra zesty kick!

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