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Two Exceptional Artists Present

31st March 2023

A Joint Art Exhibition – Our Dreams – Real & Imagined

Brought together by a shared passion for art, artists Dr. Martin Raskovsky and Mandi Baykaa-Murray are holding a joint art exhibition at new art gallery and coffee bar, Black Seal Gallery in St Ives. 

Running from 18th– 26th April 2023, and open from 10.30 am – 4.30 pm each day, the exhibition will showcase a collection of Dr. Martin’s dream-like, digitally manipulated photography and Mandi’s breath-taking painted feathers – a unique medium on which she frequently paints birds, giving her the nickname ‘The Feather Lady.’

Whilst the two artists each possess a distinctive artistic style, they are both inspired by the natural world and the wonders it beholds.  

Dr. Martin Raskovsky – Photographic Artist

Dr. Martin creates imaginative works of art that originate from photographs captured on his camera. He then uses his personal style of digital manipulation, with the aid of a computer, to infuse the emotions that he feels into the piece. This creative process is described by Dr. Martin as “a release of emotions and imagination” and “something that emanates from his inside, resulting in a eureka moment.”

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Dr. Martin’s mesmerising landscapes and visual scenarios are a sight to behold and promise a highly sensory and emotional experience when witnessed. In Dr. Martin’s words, “an object becomes art when it provokes emotion in an observer, therefore a creator becomes an artist when his or her creation becomes art.”

Mandi – The Feather Lady

Best known for her exquisite paintings of birds on real, moulted feathers, Mandi originally took inspiration from the Birds of Prey that she was fortunate enough to work with and care for at a falconry centre near her home in North Somerset – and more recently, the wildlife that she encounters on daily walks with her dog.

Mandi has a particular interest in painting extremely fluffy feathers – a seemingly difficult task, but a technique that she has been perfecting for some time now.

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Represented in several galleries throughout the UK, with sales to collectors both in the UK and Internationally, this award-winning artist’s work is not to be missed.

Running for 9 days, Our Dreams – Real & Imagined, is set to be one of the most fascinating exhibitions of the moment and an unmissable diary date for all art lovers.

Both artists can be followed via their personal websites:

Dr. Martin Raskovsk – Cornish Artist

Mandi – The Feather Lady

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